Spin Kick

Alternative Title: Taekwondo Boys
Original Title: 돌려차기
Directed by Nam Sang-gook (남상국)
Screenplay by Nah Hyeon (나현), Nam Sang-gook (남상국), Sin Dong-ik (신동익)
Genre: Action, Martial arts
Runtime: 109min
Release date in South Korea: 2004/07/23


Manseh high school used to be well known for its Tae-kwon-do team, but its fame has died with the passing of time. The current team lacks motivation and no serious desire to train and their teacher leaves them for another school.

After school one day in a crowded bus, the members of the high school’s notorious gang decide to challenge the passengers on the bus by drawing a line on the floor of the bus daring anyone to cross into their marked territory. Unfortunately, some of the tae-kwon-do students cross the line and the gangsters brutally attack and viciously beat the tae-kwon-do students to a pulp. The gangsters are hauled away by the police, while the tae-kwon-do members were taken to the ER.

The principal offers them one last option, either join the tae-kwon-do team, win the competition and stay in school or stay in jail and get kicked out of school. After some hesitation the troublemakers choose the training. Unfortunately the school does not have a coach yet, until a team member finds an old school picture and notices a possible candidate for the position. But will he be the right one?


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