Secret Garden [+ Lunar Special]

Title: 시크릿 가든 / Secret Garden
Genre: Melodrama, fantasy, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-13 to TBA
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45


The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), a seemingly perfect man who hides an arrogant and eccentric side, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy amongst top actresses. One day they went deep into the mountains and entered a strange house, where a strange grandmother offered them chocolate to eat. The next day, they found themselves in the other’s body.




Episode 1 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 2 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 3 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs:
Episode 4 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 5 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 6 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 7 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 8 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 9 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 10 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 11 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 12 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 13 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 14 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 15 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 16 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 17 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 18 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 19 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 20 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Special Episode – Torrents: XVID, 720p (HANrel) | Megaupload ( HANrel)
Special Episode Subtitles by DarkSmurf: Megaupload,
Lunar New Year Special Episode Part 1: Torrent | Megaupload
Lunar New Year Special Episode Part 2: Torrent | Megaupload

*Subtitles marked with green star are provided by ViiKii’s Secret Garden Team


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750 thoughts on “Secret Garden [+ Lunar Special]”

  1. i just downloaded mine on utorrent but there seems to be no subs?? why? help me!

  2. i already download lunar new special about last 2 week but still don’t have their subs.. i can’t wait to watch this episode :-(..hope mehanata team will subs this..thank you (^-*)

  3. hi, really wonder if there is sub for the lunar special episode. will be waiting for it! thank you for the hard work! 🙂


  4. I can’t download special episode. the torrent doesn’t work.
    help me…..

  5. I love these! This drama was especially unique and honestly unpredictable. I didn’t see the twists and turns that came about. I would love it if I got to see the 3 special episodes!

    Thank you for sharing with us <3

  6. Hello,

    Do you know if anyone is subbing the lunar special? I know it’s just a recap, but still…



  7. They are the best as WITHS2 produces one of the most High Quality subs out there (most of the time their subs are even better than official subs by MBC America & co… :X )

  8. i think the torrent link for part 1 of the lunar special episode is not working.:(

  9. Thank you very much for uploding! But could anyone tell me if I should watch the Special Episode and the Lunar Special after episode 20 or is there a special order?

    Thank you =)

  10. no order, just enjoy it… Lunar Special is made with cuts from the drama in a something like quick recap; the Special Episode is with interviews and bloopers, etc. etc.

  11. I dl-ed under the torrent link..but no subs. Am I suppose to click on the other link for eng subs? lol plz advise confuse..first time dloader

  12. oops disregard earlier comment..finally figured it out lol …But thanks so much for the downloads! You guys are wicked awesome! Love it!

  13. I desperatedly want to download all the episode but i cant do that with torent, since i dont have membership in megaupload and when i click the torent link, it keeps shows up amount of kilobytes which means it is not the file of movie,
    Ohh my God what should i do, please please help.. really like your link but cannot download it.

  14. Thank you so much! I didn’t know the drama had special episodes until I found this site. I hope you’ll continue on uploading videos. Thanks again! 🙂

  15. thank you very much. this movie made my isolation bearable. i love both characters.

  16. just wanna ask..
    is the torrent available a good quality.?
    uhm..and.. is the torrent fast to download.? 😀
    thank you..

  17. uhm.. just wanna ask..
    why i can’t play the video and the subs together?
    I make sure that they are in 1 folder and I have downloaded a software for the subs to work.. so why?

    thank you..^^

  18. You need a player that can open the subs. Try the GOM player or the VLC player, they’re free. Just google them

  19. I’ve been having trouble downloading episode 9 through torrent for several days. Help please

  20. Hi i was wondering, are the videos subbed and originally uploaded by just one team? because i can’t find uniform episodes (same quality + same subs) thanks.

  21. all RAWs from Hanrel (which are linked here, not 720p though) will have the same quality; for the subs you should download them from imo; they have done subs for all episodes of the series

    hope it helps

  22. can i ask, how can i put the subtitle and the video in one?? how can i put it in one???

  23. the links don’t work
    ep 8 subs both megaupload and dont work :/

  24. heyyy one question….are the subs and video together? If not, how to you put them together?

  25. for putting subs on videos , after downloading copy them in same folder , then rename the video and copy name of subs file there (video file and subs must have the same name) then play it with VLC or KMP

  26. sorry, do you know instrument SG in episode 16/19 when kim joo won trapped in elevator or when kim joo won visited his mom after she know about registration wedding, do you know what instrument title? i cant find it

  27. Thank you so much for the torrents. I wish the megaupload links worked. 🙁 but I’m grateful for all those who have been seeding. I’ll keep seeding as long as I can. I LOVE THIS DRAMA. THANK YOU!!!

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