Myung Wol the Spy

Title: 스파이 명월 / Spy Myung Wol
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-11 to 2011-Aug-??
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


An elite North Korean spy, Han Myung Wol, and her partner, Choi Ryu, infiltrates South Korea on a mission to disrupt the Hallyu Wave by kidnapping one of their top stars, Kang Woo. Despite her proficiency at her job, Myung Wol’s one weakness is her uncontrollable curiosity. Hijinks ensue when she falls in love with Kang Woo instead.


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31 thoughts on “Myung Wol the Spy”

  1. Woah. That was fast. This is pretty interesting. Hope it’s nice. Thank you!

  2. drama is really funny, everyone should watch it 😀
    it has everything you need love, action, passion and most important COMEDY 😀

  3. i think link for megaupload file ep 5 is mistakenly put under 450p torrent file…there no 450p torrent file…

  4. i think the link for megaupload file ep 5 is mistakenly put under 450p torrent file…there no 450p torrent file…

  5. i have already watched until ep06. hahaha. this is so funny. :)) dont worry if you get bored at the start cos it gets better after each ep!

  6. totally recommend this drama. comedy-romance type of drama hehe. and the eye candy, eric and han ye seul… could you ask for more?

  7. waiting for the new release… thankyou so much for posting up the drama! loving it right now. DAEBAK!!

  8. Thanks !! very good work.
    I’m realy enjoying this drama, comedy romance, action and more comedy
    One of the kind that you don’t want to miss…
    I just hope she doesn’t fall in love with the actor…. i don’t like him.

  9. no english subs yet for eps 7 & 8? arrrgh! i’m so heeegzited! can’t hardly wait. =|

  10. what XVID? 450p? 720p? means? im new here so can you help mee please.. really love to have a copy of these drama thanks..

  11. @ishiesan

    Those are Quality, Its for everything quality related, such as cameras and movies and stuff. the higher, the better but it depends if your computer can handle it. Stone age computers only can handle XVID. The more recent ones can handle the 720P.

    XVID is 360P Which is standard quality

    450P is higher quality

    720P is High Definition Quality

    And so on such as 1080 and stuff.

  12. thank you so much for posting this drama!! 😀 really appreciate it!

  13. Waiting silently for the next two episodes.
    Thanks for the previous episodes!

  14. sorry about the delay, no such delay starting next week when I’ll be back in UK. Just last days with Le Boyfriend, hope you can understand/relate 😛

  15. hallu! can you provide a megaupload link for episode 17? it’s the only episode that i haven’t downloaded… the file is taking forever via torrent!

  16. Thanks Val! By the way. What’s the name of the drama in the end of EP 16 17 and 18? I like to know. So in the future im going to download it. 🙂

  17. Before i’ve started to watch this drama, i was thinking it would be pretty boring. But it became one of the my favorite dramas as Secret Garden, SKK scandal, Coffee prince… If you can’t decide to watch or not, don’t wait start right now.

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