My Black Mini Dress

Title: 마이 블랙
English Title: My Black Mini Dress
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Origin: South Korea


“My Black Mini Dress” is a bright and frank story of four 24-year-old young women. Yu-Mi is nicknamed “Dwoenjang Girl” because of her fondness for expensive items. Hye-Ji is a girl who born to be an entertainer. Soo-Jin is a girl who is always honest to people. Min-Hee is an unreasonable girl, but very cute.

Main Cast:

Yoon Eun-hye
Park Han-byeol
Cha Ye-ryeon
Yoo In-na
Dong Ho
Lee Yong-woo

Download Links:

 Part 1Megaupload

 Part 2Megaupload

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11 thoughts on “My Black Mini Dress”

  1. Hello there, I want to ask, is it true mehanata stop providing torrent links for latest korean drama such as man of honor, flower boy ramyun shop, poisedon and etc?? Because mehanata is the only website that provide torrent link for in order to download the latest kdrama. i keep on checking this website and see if there’s any new kdrama being uploaded, but it disappointed me most of the time. so, mu point here is can someone tell me so that i can stop hoping? I really can’t find any other websites and most of them need to be download directly via megaupload. but my country has banned megaupload and i can’t even download a single korea drama 🙁 that’s what makes me even sad when mehanata stop providing latest kdrama. hope to hear from you soon, thankyou for your time.

  2. we had a bit of a break as it’s hard year of uni for me, but now is vacation so expect lot of catchups 😉

  3. Oh I see, no wonder huh. and yes I LOVE IT! Thankyouverymuch for your reply! Look forward to it! Especially the latest kdrama such as MAN OF HONOR, POISEDON AND FLOWER BOY RAMYUN SHOP! OH i love these three. Please say that you’ll provide the torrent link for these three. THANKYOUVERYMUCH !!!! 🙂

  4. I still can’t find the subs in the archive. :c
    I tried downloading other subs from different websites but it’s delayed. D:

    Thanks in advance! ^^

  5. Same problem here. There’s video file in the archive only. Could you PLEASE upload subs as a separate file??

  6. Megaupload has been shut down 🙁 Any chance of providing torrents for this movie? 🙂

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