Mary Stayed Out All Night

Title: 매리는 외박중 / Maerineun Oebakjoong
Also Knows as: Marry me, Mary!
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-08 to 2010-Dec-28
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Wi Mae Ri is a stubborn woman and the daughter of a failed businessman without much experience in dating. When her father tries to marry her to an unknown person to clear his debts, she fakes marriage with the tough rocker Kang Moo Kyul, who she just met. Problems arise when the unknown person is the perfect guy with a good background and prestigious education, Byun Jung In. She ends up “married” to the both guys with a 100-day contract at the end of which, she’ll have to choose one of them…

credits: Drama Wiki




Episode 1 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 2 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 3 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 4 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 5 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 6 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 7 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 8 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 9 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 10 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 11 – Torrent | Megauplaod (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 12 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 13 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload (slighlty out of sync/synced with Baros)
Episode 14 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 15 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,
Episode 16 – Torrent | Megaupload (HANrel) *Subs: Megaupload,

* Subtitles are made by Midnights Dreams Subbing teams & ViiKii members and brought here by our users. Gamsahapnida, guys!

438 thoughts on “Mary Stayed Out All Night”

  1. @ opynto

    2 questions
    are they the subs i posted?

    what version was it HANREL OR BAROS

    i synced it with the HANREL WHICH I WATCHED THE WHOLE EPISODE and it worked fine

    if you dl the baros go to “midnights dreams” website and download from there

    and one last thing can you tell me more about how they are not synchronized

  2. Thanks 2dayskiss, I am so happy that you have untiringly did the subs for this drama. More power and God bless! Subs worked well with me. It’s great!

  3. woaah you guys ar ethe best ! thank u so much ^^ can’t wait to see the final

  4. hello. can anyone here please upload the e13subs on boxnet? i can’t dl it on MU. i dunno why. 😐

  5. Jessa83 > I have a problem with these subs, they end at 0:58, there is about 10min missing :s
    and I didn’t find the rest of it elsewhere :s

  6. OMG! Thank you thank you thank you soooooo much for ALL the subtitles! I really love you guys sooo much!
    I’m so excited, just downloading the subs for 16! 😀

  7. i was wondering why the megaupload download so slow started since yesterday.. usually the download speed can go up to 100++ kb/s but now its just <10kb/s
    is there anyproblem with megaupload?

  8. thank you so much for providing the link till the last episode.. Luv Mehanata!!!

  9. omg thanks soo much i cant wait to watch the last few episodes ! 🙂

  10. finshed watching the last ep…thanks to all the subbers…haha…i finally noticed that the director’s character is a bit eccentric..keke^^

  11. why sub for ep 16 is in is not sub for mary…it for playfull kiss….why…..plizz fixed this

  12. hello there me you all have problem download the files from megaupload? i still cnt download the files and the speed is ard <10kb/s.. usually my download rate is more than 100kb/s.. i dont knw whether its my problem or the problem with megaupload.can someone tell me?

  13. nope. no megaupload problem repoted, sorry. try closing some downloading programs like eMule, uTorrent, BitComet, FlashGet, etc, they can “eat” most of you speed. If no such program is opened – contact your (ISP) network operator and report the problem, probably something with their network.

  14. thanks Valerie, but when i download using sendspace or mediafire the download speed is normal.

    they are highly appreciated. without you, we wont be enjoying hd subbed series. thank you very much and more power to you. please continue on subbing and uploading and we’ll continue on patronizing you. ((:

  16. On my first thought of this drama, I knew tht mary is going to b with moo gyul.. but when the rich guy appear, i think he deserves mary more than moo gyul which i think a very2 hopeless guy.. i’ve stop watching the drama after i’m the ep where mary met moo gyul on her engagement day, which i don’t remember wht ep.. I hav ep 1-16 which i’ve have not finished watch yet… i really need courage to watch the drama again.. it’s been a while since the drama finished airing on kbs and kbsw.. I really need very2 big courage o watch again..

  17. umm…. ive downloaded the first few eps of this drama already but the thing is tat there are no english subs at all is there sumthing wrong???

  18. Hello!

    Just wanted to ask how to put the subs in the video because it’s my first time?

    Thank You!

  19. hi! why when i finished downloading it it wont open.. or i mean,,, its opening but just for 1 second .. help ! thanks

  20. hi i try to download the new link for the episode 15 sub but the link doesnt work anymore is there new link??

  21. I know I’m months late, and thank you so much for the torrents and subs; they’re perfect.

    I just have a question, episode 12 doesn’t have any seeds, so I was wondering is there something I can do??
    Any advice??
    Again, thank you thank you thank you so much!

  22. Whats the link for episode 13 subtitle download? I can’t download subs from megaupload I don’t know why )’: I don’t mind if its not synched or what

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