Title: λ§€λ‹ˆ / Manny
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-13 to 2011-TBA
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00


Tall, with a perfect figure and his qualifications as an Ivy League graduate, Kim Yi Han is Seoul’s top male nanny. He is employed by Seo Do Young as a live-in nanny to look after her two young children, Eun Bi and Jung Min.


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34 thoughts on “Manny”

  1. woah…. you upload it here…
    i have heard about this among drama fans..
    thank u btw.. πŸ™‚

  2. Guys, do you know whom is gonna sub this drama??? I would love to know. Thank you for post this here.

  3. hope someone will sub this drama…cause from dramabeans’ recap it sounds interesting, something to drown the daily drudge down for awahile

  4. yeah.. im trying to get an english sub for this but seems like no one is subbing it.. πŸ™

  5. wendelle,
    darksmurf are subbing them but the QC is too low, but if you hate waiting you can try dloading them.

  6. The link in megaupload send you to a utorrent, can you please fix it??? please???.
    Thank you very much. Love this drama.

  7. Ups, sorry I didn’t put wich ep. was. It is episodeo 3. Thanks again. ^^

  8. the link in megaupload episode 3 send u to a 49 days drama,can u fix it??? tq

  9. hahaha.. i wait for this on monday and teusday.. and i’m just realize it is out on wednesday and thursday.. thanks for updating.. πŸ™‚

  10. he’s an ivy league graduate? how come he’s working as a manny? is there a master of science in mannying in harvard?

  11. The link for Episode 3 is in fact Episode 11 of 49 Days. Thank you so much for uploading all these wonderful Korean dramas.

  12. thanks for the torrents…darksmurf is subbing this; subs for ep3 done already

  13. thanks for the torrents…darksmurf is subbing this; subs for ep3 is up at the site

  14. yeah.. I know DS is subbing it and so far they’ve subbed up to episode 4 but I wanted to know if Haru Haru Subs or WITHS2 will pick it up as one of their projects. I love DS but I like using subs from either haru2subs or withs2 when i’m compiling a series for my drama library.

    Anyway, Valerie, thanks for uploading these.. can’t get enough of Kim Yi-Han! Awesome work as always.. πŸ˜€

  15. valerie,

    megaupload link for ep 12 it’s for romance town ep. 4

  16. wow..thanks for ep 13 and 14..i really love manny.. πŸ™‚

    thank u mehanata!

  17. does anyone know any other site than DSS for subbing this drama (episode 13-16)?
    thanks in advance!

  18. can you help fix everything in episode 6?subs doesn’t match, voice also doesn’t match with the picture..please..thanks..

  19. hi. is there something wrong with epi 6? the sub is not sync with video.

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