Distribution Title: Daddy-Long-Legs
Original Title: 키다리 아저씨
Directed by Kong Jeong-sik (공정식)
Screenplay by Kim Hyeong-joon (김형준)
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 98min
Release date in South Korea : 2005/01/13


Daddy Long Legs’. After her parents’ death, ‘Daddy Long Legs’ helps and cares for her from a distance. Living bright and cheerfully in hard conditions, she fulfills her dream of becoming a writer for the radio. There at the radio station, she falls in love with Jun-ho. One day, Young-mi finds an E-mail in the computer that the last owner had left. And through the E-mail she reads a heart-breaking love story that was to be kept as a secret. Like her ‘Daddy Long Legs’ she decides to help the sad lover and broadcast it on the air…


Video – Megaupload (includes English subtitles)

One thought on “Daddy-Long-Legs”

  1. awww.. this movie is so gooood and yet soo sad 🙁 but still, recommend recommend ;D

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