Hayate the Combat Butler

Title: 旋風管家 / Xuan Feng Guan Jia
English title: Hayate the Combat Butler
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 13
Broadcast network: FTV
Broadcast period: 2011-Jun-19 to 2011-Sep-??
Air time: Sunday 21:40
Opening theme song: Bie Wen Wo (別問我) by William Wei (韋禮安)
Ending theme song: Dan Bian Er Ji (單邊耳機) by George Hu and Aggie


George Hu plays a man who is buried by his parents’ gambling debts. With no way to pay back the money, he thought about going to the dark side by getting into the kidnap and ransom business. But instead of becoming a kidnapper, he ended up saving a girl from a real kidnapping. The girl turned out to be the sole heir of a conglomerate who faced these kinds of threats every day. In a case of kidnapping gone wrong vs. mistaken love confession, she hires him to be her butler and helps repay his parents’ debts. Grateful to have gangster collectors off his back, he vows to protect her from harms, which is no easy task.

credit: Drama Wiki


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Love Buffet [+English Hardsubs]

Title: 愛似百匯 / Ai Si Bai Hui
English title: Love Buffet
Genre: Romance, comedy
Broadcast network: FTV / GTV
Broadcast period: 2010-Dec-19
Air time: Sundays 22:00
Opening theme song: Shou Hu Xing (守護星) by Fahreheit
Ending theme song: Wu Hui (誤會) by Fahreheit


Based off the manga Parfait Tic, Xiao Feng (Fuuko) is a lively girl starting her first year of college. Her life is turned upside down by the arrival of her new neighbors: Yi Cheng and Da Ye.(Ichi and Daiya)

credit: Drama Wiki


Episode 1Megaupload, Torrent
Episode 2Megaupload, Torrent
Episode 3Megaupload, Torrent
Episode 4Megaupload, Torrent
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Episode 9Megaupload, Torrent
Episode 10Megaupload, Torrent
Episode 11Megaupload, Torrent
Episode 12Megaupload, Torrent


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Hi My Sweetheart / Hai Pai Tian Xin



English title: Hi My Sweetheart

Also known as: Play Boy and Sweetheart / Shanghai Sweetheart

Genre: Romance, comedy

Synopsis: Xue Hai was a certifiable dork when he first arrived in Shanghai. After his schoolmate Bao Zhu saved him from bullying, she became his first love. Then, a misunderstanding caused them to lose contact when she moved back to Taiwan. He thought she dumped him. So he transformed himself from a dork to a hunk in order to seek revenge.

credit: D Addicts

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Rainie –  Anonymous Friend
Rainie – Yu Ai (Rain Love)

MoMo Love

momoloveTao Hua Xiao Mei

Original title: 桃花小妹

Genre: Romance, comedy
Broadcast network: CTV / GTV

Subs: raws(no subs) & hardsubs


Tao Hua Xiao Mei is adapted from Japan’s best selling manga Momoka Typhoon. The plot is about Tao Hua who has been pampered and loved by four of her brothers almost to the extend of sister brotherly love. Thus the other brothers ask the 5th brother, Yu Yi to look after the sister, and with the appearance of prince charming Shi Lang, a love battle is created among everybody.

(credit: Dramawiki)



Episode 1 – Megaupload
Episode 2 – Megaupload
Episode 3 – Megaupload
Episode 4 – Megaupload
Episode 5 – Megaupload
Episode 6 – Megaupload
Episode 7 – Megaupload
Episode 8 – Megaupload
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MySoju: http://www.mysoju.com/momo-love/
Viikii: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/momolove