OriginalTitle: 보디가드 / Bo-di-ga-deu
Episodes: 22
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2003-Jul-05 to 2003-Sep-14
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:50


Hong Kyung-Tak (Cha Seung-Won), a good-hearted citizen with high morals, returns from the army and gets hired as the body guard for KBB Security Company. Han Sung-Soo (Song Yil-Gook) is the president of KBB Security. When Sung-Soo attempts to bring down a politician through bribery, Kyung-Tak quits his job and joins another security company led
by his friend.
Park Yoo-Jin (Han Go-Eun) is a female bodyguard who works at KBB. A love triangle forms when she begins developing feelings for Kyung-Tak, while at the same time, Sung-Soo has feelings for her. When Yoo-Jin learns of Sung-Soo’s corrupt dealings, she decides not to give him a chance to be with her. The love triangle worsens when Kyung-Tak’s sister’s friend, Na Young (Yim Eun-Kyung), moves into the neighborhood and begins liking Kyung-Tak. Unfortunately for Na Young, Kyung-Tak only sees her as a little sister.


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Notice: Episode are hardsubbed.

12 thoughts on “Bodyguard”

  1. valerie.. eng sub? this old drama right? i find this drama for a long time..
    thanks who upload it..

  2. it is hardsubbed meaning has english subtitles inside the video… it might take 2-3 days more to upload the rest of the episodes as we are experiencing hardware problems (died laptop charger :D)

  3. the quality from the original dvd is not much better so that is what is going to be uploaded (since smaller size, hardsubbed, and not much different in quality)…

  4. We had hardware failure on our storage and waiting for parts. After we recieve them we will upload the rest episodes 🙂 I believe by the end of the week the problem will be resolved.

  5. yea yea yea… you are the best… thenk you for your effort… and go on…

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