Attack on the Pin-Up Boys


Title: 꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건
Romanized: Kkot-mi-nam Yeon-swae Te-reo-sa-geon
Director: Lee Kwon (이권)
Scenarist: Park Yeon-seon (박연선)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Length: 81min
Release date in South Korea: 2007/07/26


A plot is underway to terrorize and bring down every well-known pretty boy in local high schools, and three popular boys compete to become the next victim for the sake of fame. 12 and over. 81 minutes.

Credits: Hancinema, KoreaTimes


Movie – Megaupload
English Subtitles – Megaupload


13 thoughts on “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”

  1. Looks good!! 🙂

    now i really want to see this
    i hope you get the video soon! 😀

  2. torrent link is pointless as it’s old movie and there’s no public tracker that has more than 1-2 seeders a.k.a. download will be very slow or impossible 🙂

  3. i hope the subtitle will include directly in the video .. no file folder to explore it again..btw tenkx 😉

  4. hope you have it on torrent! i can’t download it on both medifire and megaupload! :DD

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