Thank you :)

Hey guys,

There haven’t been many updates as of recently so I’ve decided to write a quick explanation as to what is going on.

As some of you this site has continued many transformation – from a high-school project, to an RPG online board game, to a news site about Bulgarian music, to its last iteration of site about K-Drama (we have even translated a few things for our friends at Eastern Spirit). However I got busy with uni and work and MegaUpload went down. Also our dear friends from WithS2 stopped publishing new subtitles, so the project was collecting dust for a while until recently when the whole site was brought down due to a hack.

It is back, yay!

However, for the time being, I honestly don’t know what am I going to do with this site, but I am probably going to transform it into yet something new 🙂

While I figure it out, please feel free to check out our talanted friends that we host at